Taking Part in a Walk During Covid 19 Restrictions


We want to keep everyone as safe as possible, during this period while restrictions are still in place. To help minimise the risks, we all have some responsibilities. Please take the time to become familiar with the extra responsibilities we have while taking part on an organised walk.  This information should be regarded as additional, to the normal responsibilities for taking part on a walk.

Additional items to bring:

Respect social distancing at all times

Do not use public transport or car share, to get to start of walk.

Do not share food & drink, or equipment such a walking poles.

Depending on restrictions in place, it may not be possible to have in indoor social break.

If social breaks are permitted, do not feel pressurised to talk part if you do not feel safe to do so.

Use hand sanitised before and after touching a surface while on walk e.g., when opening and closing a gate.

Clyde Valley Ramblers