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What should I wear?
Warm waterproof clothing and walking boots are essential. Clothing made of denim material should not be worn since it gets wet very quickly and dries very slowly.

What equipment do I need?
You will be outdoors for a long time so you will need water and a packed lunch; a rucksack is the most suitable way to carry your equipment. For your safety it is recommended that you bring a first aid kit, a whistle, a torch and a survival bag.

Do I need a map and compass?
While you should not need a map or compass, bringing them with you is a good way to learn navigation techniques and could prove essential should you get separated from the group.

I am not eighteen yet, can I come along too?
Yes, but you must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring my dog?

Do I need to book a seat on the bus?
Yes, seats on the bus must be booked in advance. If the bus is fully booked it is sometimes possible to get a cancelation, therefore, if you are booked and then not able to go, please cancel your booking. See
Contact us for booking a seat on the bus. More booking information

How much does it cost to go on the bus?
The current charge for the bus is £10, however this can change if there is a need to do so. Boat and ferry trips may involve an additional charge; please confirm when booking.

Where do I get the bus?
The pickup point is in the last car park, on the left side of Beckford Street in Hamilton.
[location map] Use the post code ML3 0BT on your sat nav.

What time does the bus leave Hamilton?
The bus normally leaves Hamilton at 8.30am, but on longer journeys, or when a ferry is being used, it may leave earlier. The walk programme will indicate when there will be an earlier start.

How does the walk grading system work?


Very strenuous, not suitable for beginners. A walk of this grade would involve quite a bit of climbing and usually includes a Munro. The total walk time could exceed six hours.


Strenuous, usually over hilly and rough terrain. A walk of this grade could involve a climb over 2500 feet.


Not as strenuous as an “A” graded walk but will still involve some climbing, usually up to 2000 feet and typically up to 12 miles in length.


This grade of walk usually involves a more modest climb, usually up to 1500 feet or on heavily undulating terrain. The length of the walk may be similar to one graded “B+”.


Fairly easy walk on undulating ground with no difficult climbing. The length of the walk usually varies from about eight to fourteen miles.


Easy, mainly on level ground, usually on paths, tracks or minor roads. The length of the walk is usually similar to one graded “C+”.

These grades are used for guidance only. Conditions on the day of the walk can influence the level of difficulty. Conditions that can require the walk to be upgraded include:

    • Rain and snow
    • Very hot weather
    • Heavy ground conditions after sustained rain

Do I need to join the Ramblers’ Association?
You are welcome to come along as a guest for up to three walks, before deciding whether to continue walking with the group, once you decide to walk with the club regularly with the group, you should then join the Rambler’s Association. You can then get a membership application form the group secretary, or Join Online at the Ramblers’ Association website.

Can I get my money back if I cancel a booking for a holiday or event organised by the club?
Payments can only be refunded if the booking can be transferred, or cancelled, without loss to the club.

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