Bus Booking

Booking on the bus is the default method of booking walks. If unable to book on the bus the second method is by phone.

On the Bus

  1. All bookings must be paid in advance
  2. Only one booking may be made at any time
  3. Booking may be for one of any future walk
  4. The start position, for collecting bookings, on the bus will be by draw of the seat number and will be done in a clockwise direction
  5. A maximum number of 49 people will be booked. If anyone on the bus does not secure a booking because the maximum number of booking has been reached, and they are added to the waiting list for the next walk, then they will be allowed to book for a future walk

By phone

  1. Phone booking will commence on the Monday following a walk
  2. Booking will be only allowed for the next walk. If no spaces are available they can either have their name added to the waiting list or make a booking for a future walk
  3. When the maximum no of people has been reached – 49, a waiting list will be started


Notice of cancellation should be given as soon possible to allow people on the waiting list a chance to take that place. If a booking is made by phone and cancelled, the person making the booking will still be expected to pay the full cost of the outing.


  1. To ensure the smooth operation of the group, seats on the bus will be guaranteed for all committee members and walk leaders
  2. Members of the group will be given preference when booking seats
  3. If anyone turns up at the bus on spec and secures a seat on the coach they will not be allowed to make a booking and will be treated in line with the phone booking procedure
  4. If required the Committee will amend the procedure to meet changing circumstances

Clyde Valley Ramblers